Aquatic Restoration Planning

Past and current initiatives include fish passage restoration planning for over 20 other watershed groups in British Columbia with clients including Society for Ecosystem Restoration Northern BC, First Nation development corporations, Ministry of Water and Land Stewardship, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Ministry of Transporrtation and Infrastructure and others. Multi-year efforts are underway within the Skeena River, Elk River and Parsnip River regions. Initiatives have led to substantial funding to support not only fish passage restoration but also successful cattle exclusion fencing, streambank stabilization and riparian planting programs. Online interactive reporting is ongoing with a selection of live websites detailed below:

Skeena Fish Passage Restoration Planning

Restoring Fish Passage in the Peace Region

Elk River Watershed Group Fish Passage Restoration Planning

Effectiveness Monitoring for Fish Passage Restoration

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